Mercy Support Services

Getting the right help to people in need

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Mercy Support Services (MSS) unlocks the passion in the hearts of human beings in Clay County and they experience the thrill of helping people in crisis. We are building a safety net around Clay County that will prevent the poor and the needy in our county from falling through the cracks, through the collaborative efforts of churches, government, non-profit organizations, the business sector and the community at large, we will build a ‘one-stop-shop’ (Dream Center), where all people in crisis can come for immediate and long term assistance until they are self-sufficient. They will remain connected with us to do the same for others and together we will end systemic poverty in our county by 2033.        

Be A Champion For Mercy, Help us Raise $60,000

The Champions For Mercy Gala was a great success! Thanks to all our supporters and friends we raised over $40,000. This year, the Gala was the kick-off event for the Mercy Support Services’ first Annual Fund Campaign with a goal of raising $60,000. Even though we are more than half way there we still need your help. Stay tuned for more information.  


How Mercy Support Services Helps Clay County Residents

  • A platform to network county-wide organizations and offer assistance/referrals to people in crisis
  • Thoroughly knowledgeable and a coordinator of: resources, programs and services for people in crisis
  • An initiator of missing services NOT available to people in crisis
  • A continuum of care that is consistent until clients are self-sufficient
  • An organization with a holistic approach and heartfelt, caring people who treat clients with respect – no condemnation or patronization
  • Consistent in policies and practices
  • A stellar organization with a team of well trained staff and volunteers whose passion is to help people

Always be humble and gentle. Be patient and accept each other with love. Ephesians 4:2


Helping Our Invisible Neighbors

Today in Clay County, Florida, there are 1,150 children in our public schools who have no permanent address. Of those, over 180 are considered unaccompanied youth, children with no legal guardian or parent. Mercy’s role in our community is to collaborate with other like-minded organizations to take care of the existing problems of these invisible neighbors, and prevent future problems from occurring. Rather than a hand out, Mercy believes in giving a hand up and leading families to a path of learning and self-reliance that ultimately enables them to be self sufficient.

By providing intake and referral services through our call center, and using the case management approach to coordinate services for those who are circumstantially in need, Mercy contributes to the improvement of our community by making these services more available and more efficient. But we cannot do it alone. Helping our invisible neighbors is a labor of love and a fulfillment of our Christian values, and it requires the support of many people and resources. Through fundraising events and giving campaigns, Mercy Support Services asks the businesses, organizations and families in our community to provide financial support. In addition, volunteers play a critical role in serving our mission and we are dependent upon the people who provide their time and talents.

Please support Mercy Support Services by sharing this website with friends, neighbors and co-workers, making a contribution, and/or becoming a volunteer. Together, we can answer the needs of our invisible neighbors who have come to a place in their lives where they cannot provide for themselves or their families without help. Together, we can lead them back to a place of self-sufficiency.


Our Mission

Mercy Support Services serves the people of Clay County who are circumstantially in need by providing services that guide them to self-sufficiency through a network of compassionate-hearted people and organizations.