Love in Action at Mercy Support Services

A desperate wife reached out to the Mercy Support Services Call Center and spoke with one of our compassionate Care Agents. She explained that due to some unforeseen medical expenses and time off from work due to an illness, her family fell behind on their electric bill; it was scheduled to be cut off in a couple of days. Since she had never had to ask for support before, she was not sure who to call or what to do. The family reached out to a local church, Hibernia Baptist, who gave them the number to our call center. Frances, one of our amazing Care Agents, assured the client that we will do all we can to assist her and referred her information to the program director. Fortunately, due to the generosity and support of our partner churches, we had the funding available at the time to assist the client. The client then came in to our office with all the necessary paperwork and met with the program director who spent some time with her discussing her needs and exploring other areas we may be able to support her and her family. We were able to provide payment to Clay Electric to ensure there would be no interruption in service for her and her family, as well as pray with her for returned stability and provision going forward for her family. A wife and mother left our office filled with gratitude and peace that everything would now be okay. These is just one example of how we can have a lasting impact on the hearts and lives of those around us when we come together as a community. It’s a combined effort of the local churches, organizations, and compassion-filled hearts that will continue to create a tangible shift in the lives of others and our communities as a whole. We are grateful for every ounce of support and trust that is given to Mercy Support Services that enable us to play a humble part in bringing hope and transformation to Clay County.